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Welcome to JP RIVERS, your land sourcing, property development and joint venture specialist. We pride ourselves in bringing land and development opportunities together which contribute to a modern, feature-packed and sustainable tomorrow.  Whether you’re an experienced property development professional working for a national housebuilder or an individual venturing into this exciting and lucrative industry for the first time, we are able to assist you in your journey with as much or as little involvement as may be required. 

JP RIVERS supplies land and development opportunities to a range of clients including established developers and housebuilders, joint venture partners, individual private developers, as well as high net worth individuals and international investors.  As our clients are constantly on the lookout for land and properties, we offer free no-obligation valuations – so get in touch with us today!

Support FAQ

Property joint ventures involve a coming together of different parties to work on a collaborative project in property (a JV deal). Often, each party will contribute something different, whether it’s capital, skills, contacts or resources. or even a particular effort that one side can not get involved with. Risk is also often shared.You may have a great idea looming around in your head, journal or back pocket, but you can’t make it happen because you lack the resources or network in the market or it may be not enough knowledge to deliver it. Hence, forming a joint venture with us can be seen as a plausible solution.

Smaller businesses often want to access a larger partner’s resources, such as a strong distribution network, specialist employees, and financial resources. The larger business might benefit from working with a more flexible, innovative partner, or simply from access to new products or intellectual property. Similarly, you might decide to build a stronger relationship with more partners. You might benefit from their knowledge of new technologies and get a better quality of service. The supplier’s aim might be to strengthen their business from a guaranteed volume of sales to you. Whatever your aims, the arrangement needs to be fair to both parties. Any deal should recognise what you each contribute ensure that you both understand what the agreement is expected to achieve set realistic expectations and allow success to be measured The objectives on which you agree should be turned into a working relationship that encourages teamwork and trust. See the page in this guide on how to make your joint venture relationship work.

Joint ventures won’t suit everybody, and not everybody suits each other in personalities and an ethos that you like. So first things first both need and look to seek out partners with personalities that they like and can get on with, and could work together with and who have the ‘opposite’ assets to you.We normally like to find out if there is a match while we both sip from a good cup of coffee and find out if both bring added value to the table and can open up a lot of options.

So lets pull up a seat and Grab a coffee, and discover how can we join venture if at all. We can do it in the comfort of your home or somewhere outside that doesn’t feel formal. After all in our eyes true JV partner relationships should hold for a life time and feel like good friends as life is not just about money : )

In short yes.  Anyone who is strong minded and looking to move forward in this field whether already working in it or looking to pursue a career, as long as you are determined with fast forward thinking and looking to better your future, we are here to help and work alongside you.

We are always looking for new faces and partners to expand on our portfolio.  Good connections are always the way forward.  Feel free to get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to set up a meeting to discuss your ideas.


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